This Is How You Can Easily Make $500 And Get Unbelievably Fit At The Same Time In Just 28 Days...

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$500 isn’t the only reward you’re going to get, you’ll also get stronger and fit in only 28-days! Not just physically, but mentally as well. A healthy body is a healthy mind.
Don’t ignore this life-changing opportunity!

How many times have you said, “New Year, New Me” but never made a change?

Well, this year it’s going to be different, it’s right in front of you this time, who's stopping you?

Are you going to keep cheating yourself? Or will you get a head start this year and destroy the New Year with your newly improved mindset and body?

You’ll be more than ready to take over 2023, making your friends and family mind-blown and jealous of how much you’ve accomplished in just 28 days. You’ll make them wish they started way earlier just like you did...

Walk with max confidence every day, be at the highest you’ve ever been, you’ll be happier, and you’ll feel better overall.
Who wouldn’t want all of that?

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This is finally your chance to make a change!

We’re talking $500 added to your wallet! With that type of money you can easily go to a fancy restaurant and reward yourself with a nice dinner.  

Imagine walking into that 5-star restaurant, $500 richer and with a fit body, everyone wouldn’t be able to take their eyes off of you!

And that all starts now...
And don’t worry, if you don’t end up getting first place, that doesn’t matter because 2nd and 3rd place are still outstanding prizes. You’ll still have the chance to make $75 and get a free one-month membership to our private gym.

Oh, and the best part...?


How can you even lose in this situation? You’re basically guaranteed a reward...

You’re going to 100% finish this 28-day challenge happier than ever. You have nothing to lose here...

If you’re over the age of 18 then you’re in the perfect spot to get started, this is the challenge just for you.

Don’t regret making the wrong decision.It’s a win-win. Who doesn’t want to get fit and free prizes at the same time? 

Are you going to be someone who isn’t ready to take on the challenge? Do you really want to be that person? Or are you going to finally be ready to take this on?

All you have to do is take some quick and easy steps beforehand to get started. There’s a total of three different types of exciting ways to get in.

Time is ticking since spots are very limited. Don't miss out!

Three Ways to Get Started:

Entry Fee Only $100

Entry Fee + Membership $125

Entry Fee + Membership + 4-Week Meal Plan $150

Challenge starts Monday, November 28, 2022. Contestants must come into the facility to get a full body measurement on November 28, 2020 between the hours of 12p-8p. All measurements are done by appointment only. It is strongly recommended to book your appointment ahead of time. 

You do not need to be a part of Strength Academy to participate, but you are required to show up for the measurements. 

Final measurements will be taken on Tuesday, December 27, 2022. 

There will be six total winners for the 28-Day Body Fat Loss Challenge. The person who has the highest percentage of body fat loss wins. There are two winners for each prize:
1st Place
Male: $500 Cash | Female: $500 Cash

2nd Place
Male: $75 Cash | Female: $75 Cash

3rd Place
Male: One month Free Strength Academy Membership 
Female: One month Free Strength Academy Membership


Read the full list of Rules and Terms & Conditions

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